Lanyard Collection

Our uniquely beaded lanyards are done completely by hand, with the option of your company slogan skillfully crafted into the designs.

Daisy Chain Lanyard

Beaded Daisy Chain Lanyard in SA Flag Design.

Product Code: L001

Size: 7mm Wide

Materials: Size 8 Seed Beads

Colours: SA Flag colours

Loom Lanyard with Text

Customised Loom Beaded Lanyard with text, simple logos and flags.

Product Code: L002

Size: 1.5cm Wide

Materials: Size 8 Seed Beads

Colours: Assorted Custom

Beaded String Lanyard

Beaded String Lanyard with Plastic Pouch.

Product Code: L003

Size: Pouch 10cm x 10cm

Materials: Size 6 Seed Beads

Colours: Assorted

Patterned Lanyard

Variety of ethnic patterns beaded on the loom.

Product Code: L004

Size: 1cm Wide

Materials: Size 8 seed beads

Colours: Assorted

Fabric Patterned Lanyard

Variety of Ethnic patterns made from Basadi Fabric.

Product Code: L005

Size: 1.2cm Wide

Materials: Basadi Fabric

Colours: Assorted